Artist Statement



I love the ocean and see it as a template for human emotions and expressions; all interchangeable. The movement, energy, intensity, changing body, surges, all shows the purpose of life.

My work creates a bridge between the imagination and unfinished lines, stirring the eye into completing the piece through motion, flow.

There's a release within this experience and hopefully the viewer can capture the changing movement within the piece, freely experiencing beyond steel, texture, curvature or linear repetition to release yourself like a wave, cresting and crashing into an end, and to a new beginning.



My mind is a blender and paintings help bring me back to connecting to what's in front of me. We walk by windows every day, closed mostly, hardly looking out and not paying attention. I blaze my blended thoughts onto the canvas, with liner interruptions telling us to stop and look beyond daily life.

We are layers upon layers, not simple. I paint to explode into the energy of collective experiences so it reaches out and grabs the racing mind into a pause. What's hidden? What's behind the being seen? What's in front, around and beyond what we take for granted?

I paint to challenge myself with a medium that's two-dimensional in the hopes I can expand myself into layered depths beyond the canvas.