...we are surprised and impressed with his compositions, full of life, about to take flight, about to take us to a dimension where metal and poetry are the same thing ... Part of the beauty of the work of this serious and original sculptor, is that his creations allow - and in fact invite us - to do several readings of each of them.

A big difference is that the sculptures by Harak Rubio are not mere childlish experiments, but excellent sculptures very well designed and professionally executed ... In an interview in England in the sixties, someone asked Jimmy Hendrixs what he was trying to do with his electric guitar. His answer was short but wise, “make it sound different.” Harak Rubio has managed to do something different with his sculptures and I think his success is assured. His works have a metaphorical weight that makes them almost timeless.
— Manual Álvarez Lezama Art Critic Por Dentro –El Nuevo Día (newspaper), San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 12, 2000