My work is a bridge between the imagination and unfinished lines that stir the eye into completion becoming one motion, flow. There's a release within this experience and hopefully the viewer can move into capturing the changing movement within the piece, freely experiencing beyond steel, texture, curvature or linear repetition to release yourself like a wave cresting and crashing into an end, and to a new beginning.

Here's a looking into my process...from inspiration, a shape, a thought...or crayons...


Challenge at Midnight

This is my my kids bathroom...yet it is.  It was a late evening and didn't want to disturb my wife so I settled into a bath.  While relaxing these shapes came to mind and I sketched them out with their bathroom crayons.  Yes this is all true. 

"Challenge at Midnight" is literally that.  I needed to unwind my crazy mind and ended up with a collection of sculptures.  Sometimes what spurs the imagination is nothing of emotional substance but a removal from it. 

This was an exciting exhibit in addition to making  I designed the displays.


Ocean Guardian

I typically make a maquette for most of my public sculptures.  It's an exact replica using the same materials.  The client gets to see the piece and I can only hope they like my vision. 

Ocean Guardian was made in 2011 for The Knowledge Exchange in Palm Bay, Florida.


Maquette of Ocean's Guardian.jpg
Ocean Guardian Maquette (2).jpg
Ocean Guardian Maquette (1).jpg

Olympic Flame

I was honored to receive this commission from the Olympic Committee and in my home town of Puerto Rico.  This was a monumental moment in my career. 

The design was simple to capture the message of the Olympics.  It's the scale of the piece that would show what the games mean to a local community.

Completed in 2010 and is located in Puerto Rico.